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The delegates that are unable to be present during important discussions while attending to calls from the office or in a meeting with other dignitaries, were assured that the  availability of the audio transcription transcripts will allow them the opportunity to review the discussions at leisure.  The event organizers also format the transcripts as enewsletters or allow access to portions of it to the press for promotion or marketing the event. The transcription services to the event organizers is provided by a company on a nominal fee of   to   for transcribing an hour of recorded audio, these services are available online.

The company website has a file transfer feature available for facilitating easy uploads of the audio recordings of the conference and the transcripts are usually delivered in  to  hours by the company.  I have been trying to spanish transcription write an article for about a month now. I love proofreading and editing, its something I really enjoy therefore, Ive read over a number of articles by my coworkers.but when it comes to me, actually writing an article just hasnt happened.  I think its because I didnt understand the concept of an article as such. 

I love creative writing, books, stories, stuff like that. Then there are articles and reviews, which dont come as naturally to me but I can still manage. But the blog post phenomenon, I just didnt understand. But...  GOOD NEWS  I watched a video tonight of Jason Fried of  Signals, one of our favourite companies talking about sharing online transcription information and suggested that people write about what they do, behind the scenes, in their blog.  And so I thought I would write an article about a challenge Ive been facing recently, to do with my work and to do with myself. That problem is stress.  I am the first to admit that I get stressed easily. I have been called a worrywart manyatime during primary and high school, and constantly feel my shoulders and back get tight and knotted when there is too much to do. 

Because the transcription industry is so busy, Ive found myself getting really stressed.  Work, work, work, work, work, get to bed late, wake up early, work, work, work, work, work, work  What I find transcription services with this kind of formula is that its okay for a few days, maybe even a week. But then you realise that you have been neglecting your partner, your friends and your family. Of course they know that you are busy and hopefully being a bunch of very supportive people in your life, they tell you that Its fine that youre not giving them a huge amount of your time in short, they understand youre busy.

That is very kind but, deep down, you know that its not ideal and you feel bad. I do, at least.  That partnerfriendsfamily issue aside, theres then the matter of looking after yourself. Sure, you can online transcription services get sick, everyone knows that  not enough sleep, you get some virus, you might need antibiotics, you get headaches, etc. Its horrible But ALSO, for me, its the suffering of my exercise, fitness, healthy eating and general wellbeing that I really notice. Im not a gym junkie by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy forcing slightly paradoxical myself to go  times a week. Not so much to get all big and muscley, but because an act like that does wonders for your outlook and productivity. 

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